LPM Dismisses UWP Leader's Speech as "Pomp and Splendour"

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Losing an election is no justification for any serious political organization to call it quits. The Lucian People's Movement (LPM), launched a year before the elections of 2011, had from the outset recognized the difficult challenges that lay

LPM is here to stay!


Buoyed by the courage to plant a small seed for change and to back up the talk when it was most important, the LPM, led by its political leader Mr Therold Prudent, proved that it was dead serious about the mission ahead by proudly answering "present" when the roll call was held on nomination day.

That election, difficult as it may have been, afforded the LPM the chance to become a household name and to make its mark on the body politic of the country. It could also be argued that the LPM walked out of the 2011 election with greater respect from the masses.     Read More

With an accepted view that LPM is not part of the mess, which of these two parties may have contributed the most to destroying the island's prospect for economic renewal?

A) The UWP

B) The SLP

C) Both of them

D) Not sure